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What do you get when you pair up Hawaii’s Hottest Icon with Hawaii’s Biggest Personality?  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of course!!!  Now we may not be the physical specimen that he is, however, Our Home, Hawai’I, this is our “Rock” and we know this magical place inside and out!  We have been in the Hawaii tourism industry a combined 25+ years.  Our professional drivers and tour guides have been awarded many times by multi-million dollar Travel Agencies as their Best Tour Operators for the past 4 years in a row.  Our Marketing Director has helped to grow one of the most successful Shark Cage Tour businesses in the World. We are all humbled to finally have the opportunity to showcase our “Home” through our eyes! Expect the Best, nothing Less, when it comes to Best Oahu Tours.

Tours & Activities

Luxury Circle Island Tour with Snorkeling at Turtle Beach

Turtle swimming
Turtle on beach

Best Oahu Tours welcomes you to the Luxury Circle Island Tour. We start our day with the pickups from select Waikiki Hotels. It’s a full day guided tour, traveling in an upscale, air-conditioned minibus that will carry you and all the snorkeling gear that you will need for the day. Come with us and take in all the natural splendor from the Diamond Head Beach Lookout, lose yourself in the Dole Plantation, take a dive into a mystical world by Snorkeling at a Turtle Beach, witness the power of the waves in the Halona Blowhole and much more! All our guests are provided cold bottle water.

Diamond Head Beach Lookout: Come with us and visit this stupendous lookout at the base of Diamond Head, an outcropping that towers above Honolulu; formed some 200,000 years ago when the sediment of a volcanic explosion solidified into the picturesque shape we know today.

The Halona Blowhole: According to legend Pele, the goddess of volcanoes formed the islands. When the once-molten rock met the sea, it formed this peculiar rock formation. When the surf crashes into the rocks, it erupts into a spectacular 30 foot high spray. Inspire a truly romantic moment and take a short walk to visit Halona Beach Cove, use the backdrop seen in the film “From Here to Eternity” to your advantage.

Secret Beach at Sherwood Forest: Hidden from most, this pristine shoreline is not visited by many tourists. Waimanalo was it’s original name, but “Secret Beach” fits perfectly. This location is surrounded by Ironwood trees. Due to its remote location we won’t be able to stop here, however we will be sure to take a slow scenic drive through in order to take in all the magic of this beautiful location.

Macadamia Nut Tropical Farm: With us you can get an exclusive peek behind the royal curtain of the King of Nuts. In this macadamia plantation, we will follow the legume from flower to harvest, learning how Hawaii pioneered this industry. As an extra incentive, all guests receive FREE Macadamia nuts and Kona Coffee.

Famous North Shore Shrimp Stop: Feeling Hungry? We’re off to lunch at one of our amazing lunch locations where you can feast on what everyone’s talking about. Enjoy North Shore’s Famous Garlic and Butter Shrimp or many other options that don’t include seafood. (Food Cost Not Included in Voucher)

Snorkeling at Turtle Beach: Swim along with the island’s native green sea turtles at a North Shore Turtle Beach. Dive under the sea with our super-premium snorkel gear provided by us.

Dole Pineapple Plantation: A visit to the Infamous, Huge Country Store that offers a wide variety of Dole Plantation gifts, local favorites, foods and refreshments including the world-famous DoleWhip Ice Cream. All of Dole’s Hawaii pineapple crop is consumed right here in Hawaii. Don’t miss your chance to grab some to bring home or send as gifts. Please Note: the Dole visit does not allow time for the train ride or maze as they are too lengthy.

Plus many more stops!!!

Shark Cage Tour

Shark Tour
Shark 8
Shark 4
Shark 2
Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventure

Hanauma Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island of Oahu. Hanauma is a nature preserve park and about 400 species of fish are known to inhabit the bay as well as large green sea turtles. Therefore, it is the best snorkeling spot on the island, so book your snorkel adventure and fun tour today! We have over 20 years experience in bringing satisfied customers to Hanauma Bay. We provide on time reliable and dependable service directly to the bay. Don’t be fooled, many snorkel tour companies will pick up in a large van or bus and then make you transfer to a smaller van because of Hanauma’s rules and regulations. This is both inconvenient and wastes your valuable snorkeling time.
Other companies will make you first go to their shop to get your snorkel gear and try to up sell you to buy things you don’t need or want, once again wasting your time.

Our company will take you directly to the bay with no transferring, and set you up with your equipment at the park. We will show you how to adjust and use your snorkel equipment if do not know how.

Dolphin and Turtle Excursion

This is always been a crowd favorite, dolphins and turtles in the majestic west Oahu waters. The Dolphin Snorkel Tour includes a passive snorkel with friendly Hawaiian spinner dolphins in their natural environment, plus two fabulous snorkel reefs teeming with tropical reef fish, exotic marine life and frequent visits from Hawaiian green sea turtles. Seasonal whale watching included (December thru March).
Your Tour Includes: Waikiki transportation, hot tea and cocoa (morning tour), pre-boarding snack, hot lunch after your tour, snorkel gear, snorkel instruction and life vests. Bottled drinking water, restroom and freshwater shower rinse onboard.

See Dolphins or Whales Guaranteed or Re-ride for Free! The Guarantee is for the Dolphin Snorkel Tour only. Re-ride must be within five days. Optional lunch or transportation $15.00 each.

Tours depart at 7 AM and 11:30 AM daily

Hanauma Bay Turtle Canyon

Turtle Canyon Snorkeling Cruise

Hop on board one of Best Oahu Tours’ state of the art Waikiki Catamarans. Turtle canyon is Possibly one of the best if not the best, turtle snorkeling spots in Waikiki. This is definitely one of the hottest tickets That sells out every single day regardless of season. Tours currently leave daily at 3 PM. Tours are roughly 2 hours long.

Luxury Group Tour Private Charter with Tour Guide

(up to 24 people) (up to 8 hours)

What can be more better than our Full Day Luxury Circle Island Tour? Our Full Day Luxury Circle Island PRIVATE CHARTER of course. We pick up at your Waikiki location around 7 AM to 7:30 AM and will return Back to Waikiki around 3 PM to 3:30 PM. Our award winning circle island tour itinerary is definitely More than enough to keep you captivated in the beauty center island has to offer. The best thing about having your own private charter with a fully trained tour guide is that you are now able to customize your tour. We generally use our itinerary as a guideline And you’re able to add and take away locations on the itinerary to better suit your needs. All add-ons and takeaways need to be confirmed before your tour date. Here are the general add-ons that our customers have been adding to our tour:

Turtle Beach snorkeling with snorkel guides and lifeguards : $75 up to 12pax or $125 up to 24pax

Waimea Valley : $12 – $18 p/p

Byodo Inn Temple : $2 – $5 p/p










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